Detonation Pickup Testing Services

Let the Inventors of the Newest Testing Technology Generate
the Pickup Data That Will Help Your Company’s Bottom Line
with Our Patent Pending Methods

Vertex Electronics has a new pickup testing system developed to assist technicians and managers to quickly diagnose, characterize output and quantify pickup attributes. This new tester will put more dollars on the bottom line through quicker and more accurate diagnostics testing and by generating data to help better fit pickups to the fuel testing process. This new technology provides the user added insight into the workings and attributes of a detonation pickup. Vertex has identified three major attribute categories associated with a pickup and invented this new testing system to precisely measure and categorize those attributes. The three attribute groups are Magnetic, Mechanical and Electrical.

Tests to Characterize a Pickup

Measurements and Attributes

  1. Inductance (mH) = Electrical, Magnetic Test
  2. Resistance (ohms) = Electrical Test
  3. Magnetic Field Density (Gauss) = Magnetic Test
  4. Drop Test (Graphical) = Mechanical, Frequency Response Test
  5. Thump Test (Graphical, Mean, Std. Dev.) = Repeated Output Verification
  6. Pickup Face Topology

Items Reported

  1. Resistance
  2. Inductance
  3. Magnetic Field Density
  4. Drop Test (Room Temperature, 72°F)
    • Signal Graph
    • DFT Frequency Graph
  5. Thump Test (Heated, 212°F)
    • Max Peak
    • Min Peak
    • Mean Peak Value
    • Standard Deviation
    • Last Thump Signal Graph
    • Last Thump DFT Frequency Graph
    • 5000 Thump Signal Peak Values Graph
  1. Magnified Picture of Pickup Face
  2. Pickup Face Profile and Measurement


Pickup will be thoroughly cleaned, face buffed and temperature stabilized prior to testing

Drop Test

Test Utilizes a DPT-1 Base Unit and Drop Chamber Module

Thump Test

Simulates a 600 RPM Engine

5000 Sensor Face Excitations

Room Temperature or Heated (212°F)

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